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Fantastic Four #298 - 1987 - Marvel Comic

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The Fantastic Four are returning from a mission in space to stabilize the sun. Suddenly their ship begins to spin out of control upon re-entry forcing the Thing to initiate a crash landing. As military officials rush to the scene, the Fantastic Four bust free from the wrecked ship, narrowly escaping before the craft explodes. Back at base, the FF are reunited with Alicia, Franklin and Wyatt Wingfoot. While this is a touching reunion for most of the team, the Thing hangs back and broods since he is the odd man out. When Johnny becomes contentious of his moment of romance with Alicia, he tries to apologize, but Ben dismisses it telling them that they make a better couple than he and Alicia ever did.

At this point, Johnny is forced to let everyone know that he proposed to Alicia and that she agreed that they should get married. This leads to a round of celebration and well wishing from everyone but the Thing who tells them that he has no intention of going to Johnny and Alicia's wedding. Their discussion is soon interrupted by the arrival of one of the military scientists who has some startling news for Reed.