Fantastic Four #281 - 1985 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Fantastic Four #281 - 1985 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Crease front cover

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New York City is in flames thanks to the hatred stoked by the Hate-Monger. He gloats over his victory from a rooftop alongside his master the Psycho-Man, and their slave Malice -- formally the Invisible Girl of the Fantastic Four. People all over the city are now fighting, rioting, and destroying everything in sight. Hate-Monger is particularly proud of twisting Sue Richards into the leather tressed femme fatal before him. His gloating is abruptly stopped by the Pscyho-Man who orders his Hate-Monger to go out and complete his mission: the destruction of the Fantastic Four. With that, Hate-Monger orders Malice to seek out her former teammates and kill them. Without a moment’s hesitation, Malice leaps off the building, eager to kill her friends and family, her husband Reed Richards in particular.