Fantastic Four #293 - 1986 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Fantastic Four #293 - 1986 - Marvel Comic

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She-Hulk radios the Fantastic Four at their new headquarters to inform her boyfriend Wyatt Wingfoot that Central City -- original home of the Fantastic Four -- is trapped in a massive black dome. She has come to investigate it with the West Coast Avengers, whom she was visiting at the time and has called in to get Reed's help trying to uncover the mystery of the dome that has ensnared the entire city. Wyatt tells Jen to stand by while he gets the rest of the team.

In another part of their headquarters, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Alicia are monitoring Kristoff Vernard, who is confined to a padded room within their headquarters. Still believing that he is Doctor Doom, Kristoff rants and raves like a madman at the camera monitoring him. When Alicia asks if there is anything they can do to restore young Kristoff's mind, Reed tells them that he is trying every known psychological technique to try to restore the boy's sanity, but so far nothing has succeeded. Johnny points out that even though Kristoff is a child, he has the genius of Doctor Doom himself and is a threat, and wonders how long they can keep him confined.

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