Fantastic Four #290 - 1986 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Fantastic Four #290 - 1986 - Marvel Comic

Very Good Condition

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Annihilus has recovered his Cosmic Control Rod and been restored to full health and now gloats over his defeated foes the Fantastic Four. However his rival Blastaar reminds Annihilus that he is still standing, and claiming Annihilus as his prisoner. Angry at being taunted with his own weapon, Annihilus lashes out at Blastaar. As the two fight it out Sue and She-Hulk revive from their foe's previous attack. Watching the battle unfold, Sue doesn't understand how Annihilus could still be alive. She rushes to her captive husband, who warns her that as long as he is consisted of positive matter touching could cause an explosion that will kill them all. Knowing what his wife is about to ask, Richards recounts their last encounter with Annihilus and how he was sent crashing into the blast area of the Negative Zone and seemingly destroyed. Unable to come up with an answer, Reed tells her that his survival must remain a mystery.

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