Fantastic Four #287 - 1986 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Fantastic Four #287 - 1986 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Sticker front

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The Wasp checks in on Mister Fantastic who is working away in the Avengers lab, making repairs after their encounter with Marvel Girl earlier. He remarks the entire encounter has got him thinking of his old foe Doctor Doom, who is supposed to be dead. He recalls that after Doom's death, he somehow was present during the Secret Wars that they were all involved in with the Beyonder.

Knowing how Doom has countless contingency plans to cheat death, Reed has cobbled together a device that will try to locate him by his brainwaves. He hopes to confirm that Doom actually died during the Fantastic Four's last "official" encounter with him when they battled Tyros. Sue interrupts their conversation to inform them that its time for her and the Wasp to go see Janet's hairdresser, they are also joined by the She-Hulk. While Reed has no interest in hairstyles, he tells the women he will walk them to the mansion foyer on his way to work on the new Fantasticar. As they leave, none are aware that Reed's device has picked up on a mental pattern closely matching that of Doctor Doom.