Fantastic Four #285 - 1985 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Fantastic Four #285 - 1985 - Marvel Comic

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Dr. Janet Darling has to finish writing up a report about Thomas Hanson, a 13-year-old boy who recently died of third degree burns. Looking at the fact sheet in her typewriter, Darling rips it out and decides that there is more to the story that has to be told...

Thomas Hanson an introverted young man who was obsessed with his hero the Human Torch. One day, his fellow student trades the latest article on the Torch to Thomas in exchange for his lunch money for a month and doing his math homework and book reports until Christmas. Hanson agrees and is given the magazine, running late for class the boy begins trying to secretly read the magazine in English class while his teacher Ms. Walsh is reading the works of Robert Frost. She confiscates the magazine and asks him to see her after class. Walsh learns about the boys hero worship and suggests that he try to live in the real world, and to teach him a lesson takes the magazine away and throws it out. As Thomas walks home his classmate trips him up and reminds him that he still has to pay up his lunch money every day and do his assignments.

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