Fantastic Four #274 - 1985 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Fantastic Four #274 - 1985 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Cover wear marks on back cover, edge wear top of front cover

In the town of Belle Porte, Connecticut, local gossip Alma Chalmers is spying on the Benjamin house hold again by peeping through one of the windows with a periscope. Inside Sue Richards is entertaining her teammate Jennifer Walters when one of her earrings falls off and rolls under the fridge. In order to help Sue retrieve it, Jen turns into She-Hulk so she can lift the fridge off the ground, unaware that Alma is watching the whole thing. Hearing a noise as Chalmers flees, Sue rushes to the window and finds her discarded periscope, but dismisses it as a toy of one of the neighborhood children.

Reaching the safety of her home, Alma Chalmers is convinced that the Benjamin household is a home to witches and monsters. Eyeing a copy of "Occult" magazine on her coffee table, Alma thinks to herself that she knows how to handle those sorts of things. Back at the Benjamin home, Sue decides they should head back to the Baxter Building in case her cover identity of "Sue Benjamin" has been compromised. As she heads upstairs, Sue passes by the room that was meant for the new baby that she had just recently lost. Seeing the empty nursery stops Sue dead in her tracts and she is suddenly flooded with emotions and can do nothing more than collapse to the floor and cry.

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