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Extermination #1-#5 Full Set - 2018 - Marvel Comics

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In Chicago, the young X-Men rescue a pair of mutant children from a mob of violent anti-mutant protestors and take them to the X-Mansion where they are checked over by Cecilia Reyes. Marvel Girl tells Kitty Pryde that the children's minds had been wiped by someone so skilled that even she was unable to use her telepathy to piece together what happened to them. During a date with Bloodstorm, young Cyclops expresses his fears of the two becoming serious if he is destined to have to go back to his own time but Bloodstorm encourages him to focus on the time they do have together. Suddenly, the restaurant is attacked by a mysterious mutant and his minions and, although they try to fight them off, Bloodstorm is killed when the mutant impales her through the heart with his spear which causes Cyclops to unleash an optic blast so powerful that it forces the attacker to flee.

Hearing Cyclops' grief, Marvel Girl summons the rest of the team but, while en route, young Iceman is attacked. Cable arrives and tells Iceman he needs to get away but he refuses and insists he stay and fight alongside him. The attacker incapacitates Iceman and kills Cable. The time-displaced X-Men rendezvous at the mansion where Cyclops explains to Prestige that the minions of the man that killed Bloodstorm had the same markings on their face as she does. Prestige realises that the attacker is Ahab, the man who tortured her and forced her to hunt down other mutants. Beast then notes that Iceman is missing and Marvel Girl uses Cerebro to try and locate him but she explains that his mind has seemingly disappeared. She then feels the psychic ructions of Cable's death and the team find his body but no sign of Iceman. Prestige is convinced that Ahab is not behind Cable's murder and theorises that he is working with someone else. In a secret underground lab, the attacker reveals himself to be a younger version of Cable who locks Iceman inside a tube and resolves to find the other four original X-Men.