Excalibur #40 - The Trial Of Lockheed - 1991 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Excalibur #40 - The Trial Of Lockheed - 1991 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Sticker front cover

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In a hospital, a group of Surgeons are gathered around their patient. From the observation gallery, Excalibur watch as Lockheed is operated on, still unconscious from the injuries inflicted upon him by Doctor Doom. One of the Doctors approaches them, saying that while the Surgeons have done all they can, Lockheed has to pull through on his own. Meanwhile, Lockheed finds himself having an out of body experience. He tries to talk to Excalibur, but they can’t see or hear him as he drifts through the ceiling and into a spaceship hanging in space. The ship is in the same plane as him, containing the souls of his species, who have Lockheed arrested and put on trial for abandoning his species, and his fiancé. He argues his case, recounting his history with Kitty Pryde, and the histories of all in Excalibur.