Excalibur #37-#39 - "The Promethium Exchange" Complete Story Arc - 1991 - Marvel Comics - GD

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Excalibur #37-#39 "The Promethium Exchange" Complete Story Arc - 1991 - Marvel Comics

Good Condition - Sticker on front covers of #38 and #39 and light staining on back covers of #37 and #39

In the lighthouse Kitchen, Kitty Pryde practises maintaining her solid form. As she is distracted by Lockheed while walking through the air, she phases, and Excalibur rush around grabbing them before they hit the floor. Successfully caught and laid out for breakfast, Meggan serves her first attempt at pancakes, which are only slightly on fire.

Nightcrawler, meanwhile, praises Meggan for the phone message she took for Kitty, but she gets teased for thinking the caller was actually Doctor Doom. She insists it is, and is incredibly smug when he arrives into their living room. As Phoenix summons everyone’s uniform, Kitty slams the door, and goes to meet Doctor Doom herself. He states that he wishes to use Magik’s Soulsword, embedded in front of the lighthouse, to go to Limbo and recover Promethium, which he wants to use to generate free, clean energy for all. As only Kitty can draw the sword, he needs her help. Kitty believes him, but the rest of the team are dubious, dragging her away for a private discussion. As they argue over his true intentions, Dr Doom offers to have Phoenix read his mind. She does so, and can’t find a trace of evil intentions. Reluctantly, Excalibur let Kitty draw the sword.