Excalibur #35 - 1991 - Marvel Comic - FF

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Excalibur #35 - 1991 - Marvel Comic

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In London, a young girl named Amy has disappeared. A man with a history of mental illness, Gunther Gyles, has confessed to her kidnap, but refuses to divulge where she is. Just before Kitty Pryde’s welcome back party, Excalibur receive a call from Scotland Yard, and quickly go to help the search. As Shadowcat and Nightcrawler search abandoned buildings nearby, and Meggan and Captain Britain explore the streets, Dai Thomas and Rachel Summers interrogate the suspect. Despite initial qualms, Rachel reaches into Gunther’s mind. She finds a series of disjointed memories of the kidnap, ending with Amy being left somewhere dark and alone. As she reaches deeper, she finds herself at Amy’s location. She finds Amy in the memory, and as she goes to comfort her, finds that it isn’t Amy at all. A green creature turns to her and detonates a psychic bomb, and as the Phoenix flares to protect her, windows are shattered across London. When Rachel wakes up, she tells Dai about the building she saw Amy by. She sends Excalibur to search a number of buildings on the moors.