Excalibur #23 - 1990 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Excalibur #23 - 1990 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Sticker front cover

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In one of the many alternate earths, Illyana Rasputin and that particular reality’s Kitty Pryde, who takes the name Kit, watch Excalibur as they traverse the space between worlds. As they talk, a henchman bursts in, warning of a raid by Justicers. Magik conjures an image of Kitty, and sends it into the time stream.

In the time stream itself, Alistaire Stuart tinkers with Widget, trying to find out what makes him work. Angry at the loss of Kitty, Widget stuns him before Phoenix can stop him. She shouts at him in anger, before an image of Kitty appears between them. As the rest of Excalibur tend to Alistaire, Widget emits a flash of light.

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