Excalibur #21 - 1990 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Excalibur #21 - 1990 - Marvel Comic

Very Good Condition - Sticker on back cover, not visible from front,does not affect readability

Flying over London, Crusader X (a version of Captain Britain on another earth) spies military helicopters converging on Euston station. W.H.O. is already on the scene, with Alistaire Stuart as the Brigadier in this reality, and his sister Alysande the scientific advisor. A mysterious train has arrived on the platform, with no passengers and a wrecked interior. On board however, Dai Thomas finds a picture of Nightcrawler, who he knows as one of Prussia’s spies. To protect the Queen’s summit of the World’s powers, Crusader X sets off on the trail.

Meanwhile, back on her Earth, Kitty awakes in Brian Braddock’s London house, in Merlin Mews, to find Courtney Ross serving her breakfast in bed. Courtney Ross comforts her as she weeps over the loss of both the X-men and Excalibur.