Excalibur #19 - 1990 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Excalibur #19 - 1990 - Marvel Comic

Very Good Condition

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As Jamie Braddock stalks along an alleyway, hunting for Shadowcat, Captain Britain grabs him, to take his revenge, causing Jamie to lose his grip on Widget. However, after a few moments, Jamie gains the upper hand, and a flick of his fingers sends Captain Britain shooting through a series of walls. As he begins to play with the strings that make up Captain Britain, Shadowcat stalks the roofs, where Widget opens a portal in an effort to protect her. She spies Captain Britain and Jamie, and shouts at him to stop, but he sends Lockheed, now under his control. She dives through the portal, just as Lockheed’s bolt of flame destroys the rooftop.