Excalibur #1 - First Appearance of Widget - 1988 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Excalibur #1 - First Appearance of Widget - 1988 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Small crease on top corner of front cover and inner pages

In a deserted factory complex near Loch Daemon in the Scottish Highlands, Tweedledope plays around with a small metallic gadget. He fills it with various stuff such as beans, trash and metal and misuses it as a cocktail shaker. When his eyes fall on a wanted poster of the Crazy Gang, he suddenly loses interest in his toy and throws it away. The metallic object opens its eyes and comes to life - it is Widget.

In the meanwhile, Excalibur and the police encounter a hostage situation in London. While Dai Thomas is reluctant to send in young girls like Kitty Pryde or Rachel Summers, Captain Britain reassures him that Excalibur will handle the situation. In the meantime, Kitty and Rachel talk to police officer Ray Mulholland on the rooftop of the building, impressing him with their mutant powers.