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Earth 2 #0 - 2012 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Creased back corner

Six years ago, it had already been three years since the armies of Apokolips attacked the earth with their only goal being conquest. Since then, Terry Sloan had been working with the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman - the so-called "Ternion" - to fight them back and save the world.

Apokolips had employed something called the Anti-Life Equation, a form a mind control, to produce a kind of rapture among the earth's populace. This allowed Steppenwolf, the Apokoliptian general, the opportunity to use innocents as soldiers in his cause. So, while Superman and Wonder Woman had done their best to eliminate the perimeter defences, Terry and the Batman were tasked with destroying the massive machine which produced this mind-control effect.