Doctor Strange #60 - 1983 - Marvel Comic - FR

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Doctor Strange #60 - 1983 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Sticker/Pen Residue Front Cover

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Doctor Strange's search for the location of the Darkhold leads him to pay an astral visit to the Scarlet Witch, the last to see it. She tells him that it's stored in Avengers Mansion. When Strange flies off mentioning that the power of the Darkhold may yet be neutralized, she decides to head for the mansion herself to see if she can help. Dracula and the Darkholders launch a full-on assault on the Mansion with only Doctor Strange, Hannibal King, Captain Marvel, and Scarlet Witch around to defend it. Dracula nearly reaches the book, but at the last moment Strange manages to teleport it away to a location he hopes its power will be masked by an existing aura of dark magic, Castle Mordo.