Detective Comics #655 - 1993 - DC Comic - VG

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Detective Comics #655 - 1993 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Batman is keeping an eye on the Bad Boy Runners' turf when suddenly an explosion and gunfire marks the beginning of an attack on the gang. The attackers are the War Dogs, formerly Bengal Street Raiders. The General attacks the leader of the Runners, Bojack. Batman goes to stop the attack, but is forced to rescue the general as his priority is to save the boy's life from falling off the top of a building. The effort of such feat costs him to torn the sutures made by Alfred Pennyworth, caused by a recently bullet wound. Batman was weak and The General attacks him from behind and knocks him to the ground with a recently killed Bojack.

The General celebrates his victory by making plans to attack the Black Mask gang. When he interrogates a couple of False Facers, one of the refuses to tell him anything and is killed. The second one, tells him that Black Mask hasn't been seen since Batman took out most of his gang. Glad to hear this, The General starts his plan to attack the last of his enemies, the Gotham City Police Department.

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