Detective Comics #648 - 1992 - DC Comic - GD

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Detective Comics #648 - 1992 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Small tear front cover


From the recent string of clues, Batman and the police become certain that Arthur Brown has in fact returned to the mantle of the Cluemaster. Batman, wanting to reduce some of the political pressure on Commissioner Gordon, stays on the sidelines while the police raid Brown's apartment by themselves. Unfortunately, Brown has already vacated the apartment, leaving nothing but a bomb - attached to Cutter's corpse - inside.  While the police deal with the bomb, Robin sees a stranger in a hooded cloak fleeing the scene, and gives chase. He eventually catches up to and unmasks the stranger, only to find a teenage girl. Robin is stunned by this, allowing the girl to strike him in the face with a brick and escape. Ultimately, the apartment bomb fails to kill anyone, but Cluemaster still judges it a success, as the authorities will now believe him dead. His ultimate heist, set for the Labor Day weekend, remains on-schedule.  

Some time later, Commissioner Gordon is forced to meet with Armand Krol, who is all-but guaranteed to become Gotham's next mayor. Despite his campaign rhetoric, Krol promises to keep Gordon as police commissioner - but only as a liaison to Batman. Meanwhile, Robin investigates the young woman who'd struck him, and eventually determines that she is none other than Stephanie Brown, Cluemaster's daughter. Upon meeting Stephanie, however, Robin learns that she despises her father, and seeks to ruin him by any means necessary.  Impressed, Robin brings Stephanie to meet Batman. Stephanie, now calling her costumed identity "the Spoiler", tells Batman what she'd managed to eavesdrop from her father: a heist is to take place at the Castleland Park mall, around eleven o' clock, with millions in charity money as the prize.

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