Detective Comics #632 - 1991 - DC Comic - VG

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Detective Comics #632 - 1991 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Batman confronts the Golem, but the monster is much stronger than the Dark Knight, who barely manages to escape from the Golem's wrath. While the creature continues to wreack havoc, the white supremacist group attacks the old Jewish man and take him to a Hindu temple they had previously burned.

After Batman recovers from his first encounter with the Golem, he goes to the old man's apartment and finds enough clues that lead him to the man's location. As the racist aggressors interrogate the old man, they are located by the Golem and two of them are taken down by the creature. The third one is saved by Batman, who confronts the Golem once more. He tries to erase the letter "E" from the creature's forehead, as according to legend, it would kill the creature, but the old man reveals that only he can erase the letter and stop the monster.

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