Detective Comics #615 - 1990 - DC Comic - GD

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Detective Comics #615 - 1990 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Light cover wear

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Batman notices a man in danger from the attacking birds and jumps out of the Batmobile to help him, giving up the chase of Sherry West. Although, Batman has saved one life, this case is far from over.

The birds have taken Sherry to the Penguin's hideout, where the criminal mastermind reveals his infatuation for Heron, the character she plays in the soap opera "Heartstrings". Penguin has fallen in love with the treacherous and evil nature of Heron, but when Sherry tries to make him understand that it is only a character she plays, Penguin won't listen. When one of his henchmen interrupts him, Penguin is furious and sends his birds to attack the thug. It is then that Sherry understands that she has to play along with the madman.

In the meantime, Batman tries his best to stop the chaos created by the killer birds, but one of Penguin's surveillance birds has spotted him and the criminal sends a large group of birds to attack Batman. The Dark Knight has to fight his way back to the Batmobile, but even as he starts driving away, the birds keep following him.