Defenders #76 - 1979 - Marvel Comic - FR

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Defenders #76 - 1979 - Marvel Comic -

Fair Condition - Water Stained Front/ Back Covers

While searching for Richard Rory's friend James-Michael Starling, the Defenders get into a conflict with the alien Protarians who have come after James-Michael as well. While in Las Vegas, Ruby Thursday and her faithful Dibbuk sneak into the coroner's office and steal the body of Omega in order for Ruby to learn the android's secrets. Elsewhere the Hulk is confronted by a follower of the Unnamable, whom the Hulk tries to fight but cannot harm. In New York, Nighthawk is handed a subpoena that prevents him from ever donning his costume and fighting crime as Nighthawk. While back at James-Michael's home, the Defenders call for help and get it by way of the arrival of Moondragon who has come to help them out. They manage to fight off the Protarians, however there is a blinding flash of light from inside the house. Checking on James-Michael, they find that his body has been replaced with that of the inert Omega.

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