Dark Ages #1 - First Appearance Of Unmaker - 2021 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Dark Ages #1 - First Appearance Of Unmaker - 2021 - Marvel Comic

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Peter Parker narrates to his unseen campfire audience as an older Spider-Man, recounting the events from the day the world went dark.

Peter and Mary Jane were with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones for a playdate with their daughters, May and Dani. But after Mary Jane asked Peter to remove May from the ceiling, every Spider hero's spider sense triggered by something beyond a Galactus-level event. Elsewhere, Moon Girl then detected the problem and raced to the Baxter Building, whilst X-Men telepaths Jean Grey and Charles Xavier sensed the threat at hand, Apocalypse used his cyberpathy to detect the ancient force causing the threat and desired its power. As Peter informed Luke about his spider sense, he urged Mary Jane seek shelter as he headed off to the Baxter Building. There, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur reached the Fantastic Four headquarters at midnight, when a tremor rocked New York and the geniuses soon deduced that some thing was coming out from within the Earth. As Valeria concluded that the world was ending, Uatu appeared and affirmed her conclusion, as what he had been watching for was to come, and Earth had hours left at that point.

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