Daredevil #229 - First Appearance Of Maggie Murdock - 1986 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Daredevil #229 - First Appearance Of Maggie Murdock - 1986 - Marvel Comic

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Matt Murdock is now homeless thanks to what the Kingpin did to him, and after a while he begins suffering from paranoia and extreme aggression. All the while, he is continuously followed by the Kingpin's subordinates, who also provide the Kingpin with frequent updates on Murdock's mental state, as Fisk has become obsessed with the fruits of his scheme to destroy Murdock. Driven by thoughts of revenge himself, Murdock finally confronts the Kingpin in his office, and in the end is brutally beaten by the crime lord to the point where people think him dead, though he is still alive.

To avoid an investigation into his apparent death, the unconscious Murdock is drenched in whiskey by the Kingpin and strapped into a stolen taxi cab, which is then pushed into the East River. Before it can crash in the water; however, Murdock regains consciousness, breaks out of the cab, and swims to safety. Badly injured, he stumbles through Hell's Kitchen, eventually finding his way to the gym where his father Battlin' Jack once trained as a boxer. There he is found by his mother, who, having not been in Matt's life for several decades, has become a nun at a local church. She nurses him back to health.