Convergence: The New Teen Titans #1 - 2015 - DC Comic - VG

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Convergence: The New Teen Titans #1 - 2015 - DC Comic

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A full year since the day the dome separated Gotham City from the rest of the world, Donna Troy records yet another message for her husband Terry, hoping that the records she keeps will help prevent an event like the dome from happening again. Though she is married, she resents the other Titans for having paired up into relationships while she has actually been separated from the one she loves by the dome.

Without their powers, the Titans are helping the Gotham City Police Department fight crime with technology instead. Donna helps from the computer room while Nightwing and Starfire attempt to stop a botched robbery. Kory, though, sees that the robbers killed innocents in their attempt, and decides that justice in kind is warranted.

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