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Classic X-Men #4 - 1986 - Marvel Comic

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Reprint of the 1st story from X-Men #96

Despondent over Thunderbird's death, Cyclops lashes out with his optic blasts and unknowingly damages an ancient cairn on the grounds of Xavier’s school. As he returns to the mansion, he is unaware that his optic blast has released the demons Kierrok and the N'Garai.

Inside the X-Mansion, Professor X and Banshee observe the new X-Men undergo a Danger Room training session. In the middle of it, Nightcrawler’s teasing angers Wolverine to the point where he genuinely attacks him with his claws. Banshee ends the session and points out that had it not have been for Kurt's teleportation power, Wolverine might have killed him. Wolverine’s cavalier acknowledgment of this fact disturbs his teammates.