Captain America #346 - 1988 - Marvel Comic - FF

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Captain America #346 - 1988 - Marvel Comic

Very Fine Condition

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Commissioner Sammish and Battlestar go to bail John Walker out of the county jail where he ended up after his massacre of the Watchdogs. The Commission isn't happy about the appearance of their Captain America going on a rampage. For his part, Walker remains almost catatonically impassive in the wake of his parents' deaths. Commissioner Rockwell angrily suspends him when he gets back, but after John slumps off, Rockwell privately contacts his shadowy superior for guidance and is ordered to reinstate Walker and put him back into action as soon as possible. Walker gets his uniform back but is told he has to obey orders unquestionably from now on. Still hopelessly sullen but willing to hold on to what he can, Walker complies.