Captain America #308 - First Appearance Of Armadillo - 1985 - Marvel Comic - FR

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Captain America #308 - First Appearance Of Armadillo - 1985 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Marks/Indents Front Cover

Story continued from Secret Wars II #1...

Captain America leaps over the perimeter wall of the West Coast Avengers compound, as he fights his way through the various traps that have been set up he tries to figure out what day it is after being through so many travels and time zones between his arrival in London, his battle with Modred the Mystic and his fight with the Beyonder in LA. As he maneuvers his way through, he is unknowingly watched by the Beyonder. He manages to get through the compounds security system and is almost tripped up by a surprise attack by Hawkeye and his wife Mockingbird. With the exercise over, the three Avengers are happy to see each other and Cap expresses how impressed he is with security. After a tour of the compound, Cap asks if he can borrow on of the Quinjet to fly back to New York. Hawkeye is glad to loan him one and he and and Mockingbird head off for a party, leaving Cap alone on the compound.