Bombast #1 - Includes Trading Card - 1993 - Topps Comic - VG

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Bombast #1 - Includes Trading Card - 1993 - Topps Comic

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"Bombast Lives!"

Special Image Comics guest star, the Savage Dragon! An earthquake shakes Chicago, and the first of Secret City's superheroes awakens! He's the hot-tempered human catapult called Bombast. He can hurl objects at incredible speed and with uncanny accuracy. This modern world baffles him. And worse, he has lost the memory of his all-important mission to save modern mankind from the doom that destroyed his civilization 15,000 years ago! Meanwhile, Chicago police officer Savage Dragon is out to place Bombast under arrest! Also featuring appearances by Nightglider and Captain Glory. Plus: "Bullpen Bios" of John Severin, Dick Ayers and Gary Friedrich, including photos of the three.