Bleach Vol. 11 - 2011 - Viz Media Graphic Novel TP - GD

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Bleach Vol. 11 - 2011 - Viz Media Graphic Novel


Good Condition - Some cover wear, does not affect readability of the book

Ichigo successfully defeats Ikkaku of the Eleventh Company and is rewarded with a valuable piece of information--the location of where Rukia is being detained as she awaits execution. However, Ichigo's companion, the pyrotechnics-wielding Ganju, is having a much harder time with his Soul Reaper opponent. Meanwhile, Orihime and Uryû confront the younger brother of the gargantuan gatekeeper whom Ichigo defeated a little while ago. It's time for Uryû to put all his training to the test and prove to everyone (and himself) how much more powerful he has become.