Batman: The Dark Knight #23 - 2013 - DC Comic - VG

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Batman: The Dark Knight #23 - 2013 - DC Comic

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At the Gotham Securities Exchange, Clayface sneaks in with a tour group, and then makes a grand entrance, as his own soldiers overwhelm security personnel, and begin to short out the computers on the exchange floor - which will inevitably lead to a market crash. When his soldiers have completed their tasks, Clayface murders them all, and turns his attention to one surviving witness. Fortunately, Batman intervenes in time to rescue her, but Clayface is on his tail. Batman attempts several times to get his new weapon to work against Clayface, but it requires a complete seal, lest the shape-shifter escape through the minutest crack. Clearly, getting that seal is easier said than done. Unfortunately, Clayface escapes him.

Later, at Arkham Asylum, Batman angrily questions the Mad Hatter as to who he told about Natalya Trusevich's relationship with him. Somehow, Clayface had found out about it, and Jervis Tetch was the only one who knew. Tetch, though, is unhinged, and Batman decides to change his approach. Instead, he will attempt to discover whom the Hatter had the opportunity to tell.

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