Batman: The Dark Knight #15 - 2013 - DC Comic - VG

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Batman: The Dark Knight #15 - 2013 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Despite not having fully recovered from his last encounter with the Scarecrow, Batman insists on acting when he discovers that the man obsessed with fear has used the floats in the Gotham City Christmas Parade to release fear toxin on the crowds in Gotham Square.

Unfortunately, he is but one man, and no matter what he or the Gotham City Police Department does, they will not be able to contain the pandemonium without some kind of antidote. Taking the toxin's chemical composition with him, Alfred Pennyworth asks Lucius Fox to help them develop the antidote. Some time later, Lucius and Alfred determine that without antibodies, it will take months to develop the synthetic ones needed to create the antidote. Gotham may not last more than a few more minutes. When Batman takes a hit in the face, his gas mask is knocked off, and he realizes that he can breathe freely without ill effects. He realizes then, that the reason he is not affected is because he fought off the virus already. The antibodies they need are in his blood.

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