Batman: The Dark Knight #14 - 2013 - DC Comic - VG

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Batman: The Dark Knight #14 - 2013 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Despite breaking free of his bonds, Batman is still weak from the Scarecrow's Fear Toxin. Still, his outrage fuels him, and he leaps onto his enemy. Unfortunately, this move inadvertently causes Scarecrow's scythe to ham sharply into his shoulder-blade, and break off. This gives Scarecrow the advantage, and so Batman takes a desperate measure, firing his tensile grappling line up and through the soft tissue under Scarecrow's jaw, and into the ceiling.

Agonizingly, Batman pulls himself along the floor and out of the old house, leaving Scarecrow dangling by his chin from the basement roof. With some significant pain, Scarecrow threads the line through his jaw, and releases himself, following Batman's blood trail up the stairs. As he retrieves his sample of super-toxin from his desk, he hears the young kidnapped girl, Luz, calling to him in her fear.