Batman: The Dark Knight #12 - 2012 - DC Comic - GD

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Batman: The Dark Knight #12 - 2012 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Spine wear

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As a boy, Jonathan Crane had been his father's guinea pig in his experiments with fear. While his father saw the relationship as one of mutual exploration, his lack of compassion and empathy with regard to the horrors and pain that he put Jonathan through left the boy jaded with an implacable desire to please his abuser.

Now, Jonathan Crane is the Scarecrow, and he has captured, finally, the Batman. The Batman will become his guinea pig for explorations in fear. He readily admits that his kidnapping of Commissioner Gordon was merely bait for getting the bat to come to him. With his prey already dosed heavily with fear toxin, Scarecrow holds up a mirror, urging the Batman to recollect his past, despite the fact that the past is familiar territory. He promises that this experiment will be more than a simple retread. In any case, he doesn't care what Batman sees; only how it makes him feel.

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