Batman: The Dark Knight #11 - 2012 - DC Comic - VG

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Batman: The Dark Knight #11 - 2012 - DC Comic

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Scarecrow has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon and is holding him somewhere in Gotham City. He has special plans for the Commissioner, and the Batman, too.

Bruce Wayne, meanwhile, is attempting to repair his relationship with Natalya, a Ukrainian concert pianist. She apologizes for her abrasive behavior from the previous night, reminding that she had a tough upbringing that taught her to guard her emotions. Her apology is short-lived, as she is upset again when Bruce momentarily forgets about her New Year's Eve concert. She catches herself getting angry again, and tries to explain how she learned to be more open and forgiving; trying to teach him that he needs to let go of his own anger in the same way that she did. They are interrupted by yet another phone call from Alfred Pennyworth, who, despite Bruce's attempts to hold him off, warns him to turn on the television immediately. A news report shows that the Commissioner has been missing for some time now, and Bruce leaves Natalya without hesitation to seek him out.

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