Batman/Superman #2 - 2013 - DC Comic - FN

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Batman/Superman #2 - 2013 - DC Comic

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Somewhere, a being called Kaiyo has finally found the two most dangerous men on the planet Earth, and, having found them, has taken them both away to another world.

Batman finds himself in Gotham Heights at Wayne Manor, terrified that whoever teleported him there knows his identity. Just moments ago, Catwoman had tried to kill him, but so far as he knows, she doesn't teleport people. Noticing a wound on his arm, Bruce calls out for Alfred Pennyworth in the infirmary, but he is answered instead by Catwoman. Worried that she has learned to teleport, Batman attacks her, but she takes it in stride, playing along as though it was meant to be a game. Confused, Batman takes in his surroundings, and sees a wedding photo from his and Selina Kyle's wedding, and realizes that this is not the world he had come to know.

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