Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #20 - 1993 - DC Comic - VG

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Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #20 - 1993 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Batman is put off-balance by an attack from the Tally Man, and he falls from the rooftop, gripping into the side of the building with his gauntlets despite the pain of doing so, and dangling there above the ground.

The Tally Man believes he has killed the Batman and falls into a reverie. As a boy, his mother and sister lived with him in squalor. Every Friday, a man would come demanding money from them despite the fact that they could barely survive on welfare cheques. His remembering is interrupted when Batman pulls himself back up and fires a series of shuriken at his attacker. Batman releases a phosphor flare, blinding the Tally Man and demands to know why he's been targeted. The Tally Man responds that Batman helped the Mahoons set up Joey Buto's murder. Jean-Paul realizes he's being targeted for a misinterpretation of Bruce Wayne's own involvement in the murder.

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