Batman Family #14 - Giant-Sized Issue - 1977 - DC Comic - FN

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Batman Family #14 - Giant-Sized Issue - 1977 - DC Comic

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While trying to stop a robbery, Batwoman is attacked by one of the thugs with a special weapon, which fires a ray that incapacitates her. Upon recovering, Batwoman goes to Batgirl's appartment, but she dissolves into a pile of nothingness at Barbara's doorstep. Analyzing Batwoman's costume, Barbara recalls a similar chemical from her days as student and switching to Batgirl, she locates her old chemistry teacher, Professor Nu, who is currently working at Hudson University.

While doing more research, Batgirl calls Robin to help them find a cure, and Dick is forced to lie to his girlfriend, Lori Elton, who seems to know more than Dick suspects. Robin and Batgirl are tasked by Professor Nu to find the origin of the virus that caused Batwoman's disappearance because it is highly contagious and would affect everyone who came in touch with with including Batgirl and Nu.