Batman Confidential #12 - 2008 - DC Comic - FN

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Batman Confidential #12 - 2008 - DC Comic

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The Joker and Batman simultaneously stab each other as they both fall. Once they land, the Joker starts shooting at the ropes keeping his hostages dangling in the air. Batman saves as many as he can, only for the Joker to blow up the building.

Batman asks why the Joker killed them, and the Joker asks why he saved them. He jumps. Batman considers letting him fall to his death, but decides life matters and catches him.

The Joker is arrested. Jim Gordon tells Batman Lorna Shore survived her injuries. He goes to visit her as Bruce Wayne and breaks up with her. Though upset, Lorna tells him she plans to leave Gotham anyway--she doesn't want to live in a city where madmen like Batman are running around.

The Wayne Foundation's generous donation allows Arkham Asylum to open ahead of schedule. The Joker becomes the first prisoner incarcerated there.