Batman Confidential #1 - 2007 - DC Comic - VG

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Batman Confidential #1 - 2007 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Batman bursts into an apartment building where a sadistic killer wearing a ski mask has already killed a young mother. The killer lets loose with a volley of gunfire from an Uzi, but Batman manages to disarm him with a well-placed Batarang. The killer escapes to the rooftop, but Batman ensnares him with his bat-line and begins interrogating him. From across the street, an unseen assailant murders the masked killer with a laser-guided weapon. The man disintegrates instantly.

Later, Batman returns to the Batcave where he converses with Alfred. Alfred grows disturbed as he watches his master fondling the weapon that once killed his parents so many years ago – a weapon that Batman saw fit to steal from the Gotham City Police evidence locker.

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