Batman Chronicles Volume 3 - 2007 - DC Graphic Novel TP - FR

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Batman Chronicles Volume 3 - 2007 - DC Graphic Novel


Fair Condition - Stain Front Cover

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This paperback is the third paperback to reprint all Batman stories in chronological order. This third paperback reprints stories from Detective Comics and Batman, from December, 1940 to April, 1941.

This paperback collects stories from the following comic books:

  • Detective Comics #46 (Professor Strange's Fear Dust)
  • Batman #4 (The Case of the Joker's Crime Circus; Blackbeard's Crew and the Yacht Society; Public Enemy No. 1 Starts Jail Sentence; and Touchdown for Justice)
  • Detective Comics #47 (Money Can't Buy Happiness)
  • Detective Comics #48 (The Secret Cavern)
  • Detective Comics #49 (Clayface Walks Again)
  • Batman #5 (The Riddle of the Missing Card; Book of Enchantment; The Case of the Honest Crook; and Crime Does Not Pay)
  • Detective Comics #50 (The Case of the Three Devils)