Batman Annual #2 - 2013 - DC Comic - VG

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Batman Annual #2 - 2013 - DC Comic

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Eric Border is an idealist from Metropolis, so his first night working as an orderly at Arkham Asylum comes as something of a shock. While he had studied each of the inmates to the point that he felt like he knew them, he was unprepared, when he first arrived, for the sensation of looking into their eyes, and feeling like they already knew him. What most took him by surprise happened just hours after his shift began: The Batman was imprisoned at Arkham.

Batman has actually come tonight because he has agreed to help test a new wing of the asylum called the Tartarus Wing for its security by breaking out of it. As fellow orderly Mahreen Zaheer is giving Eric his initial tour, Dr. Jeremiah Arkham takes notice of him and dismissively suggests that he be of use elsewhere with a glare. Batman is pleased to learn that the entire wing is operated by computer, such that there is no need for human contact with the orderlies. Were it otherwise, the more manipulative inmates might be able to gain influence over the orderlies.

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