Batman Adventures #9 - 1993 - DC Comic - FN

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Batman Adventures #9 - 1993 - DC Comic

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On the eve of mob kingpin Rupert Thorne's latest trial, Batman and the police pursue the "little red book", a ledger full of information on Thorne's illicit dealings. One of Thorne's men, seconds away from being captured, throws the book into the sea and renders it unreadable. Undeterred, Batman deduces that Thorne must keep a backup copy, and invades Thorne's mansion in search of it.

Batman quickly finds himself in the midst of a trap, as Thorne had expected him, and hid the backup book in a car leaving the mansion. However, Batman escapes the trap by using Thorne as a human shield and, after a harrowing chase, secures the book.

The book causes great humiliation for Thorne during the trial, though both Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne acknowledge that Thorne's wealth will probably let him escape conviction yet again.

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