Batman #521 - 1995 - DC Comic - GD

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Batman #521 - 1995 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Cover wear

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Killer Croc escapes from Arkham Asylum. His consciousness is devoling into a more primal state and some mysterious force guides him to seek out the "wet dark".

At Wayne Manor, Bruce and Tim struggle to operate a washing machine. The doorbell rings and Alfred Pennyworth returns, holding a copy of the Gotham Gazette in his hands. He dryly states that he is responding to the classifieds concerning an open position of a butler at Wayne Manor. Alfred is actually the one who posted the ad himself, but his pride prevents from simply asking Bruce for his old job back. Regardless, Bruce and Tim are elated to see him and welcome him with open arms.

At Gotham City police headquarters, Mayor Armand Krol has a meeting with Commissioner Sarah Gordon. He shows her a campaign poster of her husband Jim and wants an explanation. Sarah is just as surprised as Krol to learn that her husband is running for mayor. Embarrassed, she confesses that Jim and she are not on speaking terms currently.

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