Batman #422 - First Printing - 1988 - DC Comic - VG

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Batman #422 - First Printing - 1988 - DC Comic

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The two Dumpster Slashers discuss their next crime. Vito Procaccini does not want to continue now that Batman is on their trail. Karl Branneck assures him everything will be fine. It's revealed that Branneck is deeply misogynist, believing nobody knows what it means to be a "real man" anymore and "women's lib" has ruined everything. He says the "tramps have gotten too uppity" and what they're doing isn't a crime, it's a political statement.

Batman tells Commissioner Gordon about the Dumpster Slashers, and swears to "put an end to their depravity." Gordon reminds him that there are boundaries he must respect. "Your status as Gotham's semi-official vigilante is a tenuous position, at best. You start playing judge, jury and executioner, and even I won't be able to protect you." Batman replies that this warning is unnecessary and he knows the rules.