Batman #416 - Origin of Nightwing - 1987 - DC Comic - GD

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Batman #416 - Origin of Nightwing - 1987 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Spine wear

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Not long after Jason Todd became the new Robin, he started chasing crooks by himself. Recklessly, Robin follows a drug ring to their hideout, hoping to capture them all. Unfortunately for him, he is spotted and attacked by members of the gang, who take him down and prepare to beat him, when suddenly, Nightwing comes to the rescue and beats the criminals to a pulp. However, the heroes soon realize that they have no evidence to capture the criminals as the drugs have not arrived to their hideout yet. Nightwing and Robin are forced to leave the place, after which Nightwing scolds Robin for being too impulsive and foiling his attempt to capture the gang. Before parting ways, Nightwing tells Robin to give Bruce a message of his visit to the Batcave the next day.

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