Batman #22 - 2013 - DC Comic - VG

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Batman #22 - 2013 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Flying over Gotham City, the Red Hood Gang hijacks a blimp in mid-air with the help of a helicopter. The blimp happens to belong to Oswald Cobblepot, who uses them to travel thanks to the low level of regulation on the vehicles in Gotham. He had been meeting with Luca Falcone at the time of the hijacking, but the Red Hood himself threw him from the blimp without a parachute.

The Red Hood comments that the Penguin has been using these blimps to smuggle illegal goods, such as the crates full of Waynetech sonic rifles aboard this one. Though the weapons are meant to be non-lethal, they can be modified to liquefy a target's insides. As he takes one for himself, the Penguin becomes angry and tries to yank off the Red Hood's mask, only to receive a heavy shock. His scream alerts the Red Hood to the fact that this is not Oswald Cobblepot at all. This is the vigilante who has been causing them trouble for weeks. This news actually amuses him, and after testing out the weapon's lethality on one of his own men, he offers the open position to the interloper. When he refuses, they decide it's time to unmask the vigilante.

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