Batgirl: Year One - 2016 - Eaglemoss DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection

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BATGIRL: YEAR ONE Originally published as Batgirl: Year One #1–9, February–October 2003. 

After graduating college in her teens, Barbara Gordon hopes to follow in her father’s footsteps and serve in the Gotham City Police Department. But when her plans are derailed, Barbara takes a different path and adopts the crime-fighting identity of Batgirl. As she learns the ropes of the vigilante lifestyle, she finds herself thrown into conflict with Batman and in the crosshairs of Gotham City’s super villains.

BATMAN #139 Originally published in April 1961. 

When Batman, Robin and Batwoman are captured by the Cobra Gang, a new young heroine swings to their rescue. But who is this Bat-Girl and how does she know Batwoman’s secret identity?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review