Batgirl #8 - 2012 - DC Comic - VG

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Batgirl #8 - 2012 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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In the sewers of Gotham City, Batgirl stands over one of Grotesque's men and realizes that he is Danny "The Weasel" Weaver - the man who stood to the left of the Joker when she was shot, years ago. As Danny comes to, Batgirl warns that he has made himself an accessory to murder, and wonders why he has allowed that to happen. As Danny expresses confusion that she knows his name, the other thug comes to and tries to knock Batgirl out. Without missing a beat, she knocks him down, stopping his head just short of cracking against the concrete.

Danny rises, and as the police sirens wail, he assumes that he will be given up to the cops. Turning, Batgirl glares at him and allows him to go free. Thinking of how she had just watched Grotesque kill Theodore Aiklin over a bottle of wine, and now having just let Danny go free, Batgirl wonders what she's doing.

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