Avengers #45 - First "Avengers Day" Celebration - 1967 - Marvel Comic - PR

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Avengers #45 - First "Avengers Day" Celebration - 1967 - Marvel Comic

Poor Condition - Pen marks front cover and small tear throughout majority of the pages

The Avengers, including Iron Man and Thor, assemble in Central Park to attend "Avengers Day", a large celebration held to honor the Avengers' ongoing heroic efforts. Unbeknownst to the heroes, the Super-Adaptoid lurks within the crowd, anticipating a moment to attack them. But he's waiting for the absent Captain America to arrive before he shows himself.

Hercules is asked to be an Avenger and he accepts. After a while, Thor and Iron Man leave but Captain America arrives. The Super-Adaptoid then shows himself and attacks the team. After a long battle, the Adaptoid is beaten when it tries to use all its different powers at once, effectively short-circuiting it.

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